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WKU Gameathon 2008 T-shirt


If you attended WKU’s Gameathon on

April 5th, 2008, we want to hear about your experience. We might just give YOU one of our Gameathon T-shirts!* All you have to do is take this short survey.

We will give out T-shirts to the individuals whom provide solid responses to our questions that can help us create a better gaming event for YOU next year. We are looking for fresh ideas and ways to improve Gameathon each year, and the people that provide real suggestions and real feedback will be rewarded. Your odds are good at receiving a shirt.

Feel free to forward this email to any friends that you know attended Gameathon. We want this survey to spread like wildfire, because we want to create the best darn gaming event around! We are not afraid of criticism.

See you next year at at WKU’s Gameathon 2009!

Peace and happy gamin,
Adam “SpikeShot” Faragalli
2008 Event Manager


Gameathon 2008 recap

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To all gamers, staff, , sponsors, and volunteers, a BIG thanks for coming out and supporting the third WKU Gameathon. This year, with over 250 gamers and almost double that in traffic, the event was a huge hit! Watch out for news coverage. Also, look out for a recap survey soon to be sent to all registered gamers.

Bowling Green Daily News Article:

College Heights Herald Article:

I heard all positive reviews on how we set-up the game rooms, like Rock Band/Guitar Hero 3 in the Auditorium on the 50 foot screen, 4 game rooms running Halo and Call of Duty 4, our mystery game finale Super Smash Brothers was a blast, awesome T-shirt design, good pizza/drinks. In total, really happy with the way the event flowed, using multiple time slots for the games turned out to be a great idea.

Nevertheless, there are some things that we know can be improved, namely morning registration streamlining, and a easier bracket system that does not get destroyed when a gamer or two does not show up to game when they are supposed to. Hopefully, next year with a bigger budget we can work out the small kinks and bring you an even better WKU Gameathon 2009.

I will be involved in G4 2009, and am looking forward to working with new and returning WKU students. BIG thank you to the 2008 staff and their hard work!

Complete Gameathon 2008 staff in no particular order: Adam Faragalli, Bekah Clark, Elizabeth Mitaikostas, Rusell Gonzales, Colby Westerfield, Alex Hichelbech, Rachel Koontz, Hanna Goetz, James Davis, DuWayne Northey, Tom Wilson, Josh Graham, Justin Ankenbauer, Ryan Stone, Laura Crowder, Cliff Shaluta, Blair Vance, Caroline Schroeder, Susan Alfred, Lizzie Childers, , Bridget Boone, Anna Cain, Mark Simpson, and Bailey Shaluta

Gameathon 2008 Sponsors: Rent-A-Center, Game Stop, Minit Mart, Godfathers Pizza, Pepsi, Coupon Mint, School of Journalism and Boardcasting at WKU, and the Ad+PR Program here at WKU!

Adam Faragalli, WKU Ad+PR student

Gameathon 2008 Event Manager

See YOU next year, watch out for previews early 2009!


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Gamers, you ready for this? Lets have some fun!!!

if you did not get the mass email (I tried my best), here is that email. I said I would post it, and here it be:

When: Saturday, April 5th, Expo doors open at 10:00 a.m. Awards are planned for 5:30.

Mass Media and Technology Hall
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Games: Morning games start at 11:30: Afternoon games start at 2:30

What to bring: Identification, permission form if under 17, money if you want a T-shirt or extra meal ticket. Use of custom gear will be approved by the game ref, yeah or nay, he/she has final call.

I can’t believe it, but we are unleashing the largest regional gaming competition and expo around, WKU’s Gameathon TODAY! We have over 200 gamers already registered to play, and we are still going to have some spots open for walk-ins. Everyone should remember that Rent-A-Center saved Gameathon after the Army backed out! Also, Game Stop has stepped up in a big way, so be sure to stop by their table and thank them at the event for their support.

The final rules and how your game will play out will be handed to you on a print-out when you register. Godfathers Pizza and Pepsi will provide food and drink during the event; you will receive a meal ticket when you register. A meal ticket gets you 2 pieces of pizza and a drink. If you would like more, we will sell you a ticket for $2, while supplies last. If you are interested in the limited edition Gameathon T-shirt, there will be a table set aside for shirt sales. The cost of a shirt is only $12, which covers our cost.

Our grand prize this year is a 26 inch Westinghouse LCD TV and a Phillips Surround Sound system (with an iPod doc). If you win in Halo 3, Madden 2008, Call of Duty 4, or Guitar Hero 3, you will receive a $50 gift card from Game Stop, a very cool Gameathon T, a MT Dew sweatshirt and other sweet swag, but most importantly you will be able to duke it out in our mystery game for the grand prize. If you win in Rock Band, each member of your team gets the prize package already described.

One final detail, IF you are under 17 and signed up to play in Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, you MUST have a permission form signed by your parents. Please go to:

Please review the following game times. Please show up between 20 and 30 minutes before your game is set to start.

Game Times:
Halo 3: 11:30
Madden 2008: 11:30
Rock Band: 11:30

Call of Duty 4: 2:30
Guitar Hero 3: 2:30

If you have any concerns or want to help us set this event up, contact me @ adam.faragalli( at )

Thanks, and good luck gamers!
Adam “SpikeShot” Faragalli
Event Manager

Registration is CLOSED

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If you registered, I GOT YOU, promise. As long you filled in the fields correctly, you are recorded. Some of you all did not put your email addresses, so you will not receive the reminder/informational email. Don’t worry, I will also post the email to the blog.

I am composing a mass email right now, look out for it. We have well over 200 registered, so this is going to be one hell of a great gaming expo!

Thanks all,

Adam Faragalli, Event Manager

Registration Closes Thursday

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Like the title says, registration is closing down today. We need time to finish the brackets and what not. Nevertheless, walk-ins are welcome, if we have room for the game you would like to play in. We make no promises. Right now, registrations are almost at 200! Gameathon 2008 is sure to be the biggest, baddest, and hopefully the best to date.

I want to thank my Gameathon team, all the refs we have signed up to help, and extend to all the gamers out there reading this a GOOD LUCK!

You ready for a fun relaxed day of video games? Hell yeah!

Gameathon One Week Out

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I can’t believe it, WKU’s Gameathon is a week out. Everything is just about in place, and the event will be a blast. Registrations are already over 115, and we might see over 150 before registration closes this Thursday. Walk-Ins are still welcome, but not preferred.

The Grand prize is an nice sized LCD TV and a sweet surround sound system, with an Ipod doc. (great for parties!) Lots of other sweet prizes worthy of your competitive time.

Practice hard, and good luck. Remember, show up no latter than 15 mins before your game starts up.

11:30 Halo 3, Madden 2008, Rock Band

2:30- Guitar Hero 3, Call of Duty 4

Keep checking the blog for final updates as the week unfolds.

Facebook Event

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Well, there is no stoping it now, its offical, its on facebook…

Gameathon is all about a good time, I’m looking forward to having some darn R and R. Help us out, invite all your friends, spread the word 🙂

O, and did anyone see that WKU HillTopper Game? OMG, WE WON!

Comments welcome!